Three reasons to invest in Brazil

Over the past decade Brazil has grown as one of the top emerging economies in the world. The commodities super cycle helped Brazil to prosper and to develop as a major economy with its GDP surpassing that of the United Kingdom.

With a population in excess of 200 million people and an ever growing middle class, the country represents today a major market for innovative companies willing to promote their products and services.

Brazil is a true democratic state:

  • Independent media channels, freedom of speech, respect for intellectual property are examples that only an established democracy can bring. All these factors ultimately contribute to a more favourable risk assessment versus its peers in the BRICS.

Rich in Natural Resources

  • Brazil is a major exporter of commodities, from soya beans to iron ore. The recent discoveries of Oil & Gas in Brazil have helped the country to develop its upstream market further. Much of the energy supply in Brazil comes from hydroelectric power plants. There is still a lot of potential in the country for renewable energy, from solar to sustainable biomass. In order to support the recent development, the government has committed funds in excess of $30bn to build roads and ports.

Sustainable development is part of every citizen’s agenda

  • Clean energy, recycling and respect for the environment are priorities in Brazil. Over 80% of the cars manufactured in the country are duel fuel running on ethanol and gasoline. Respect for the environment is key for a country that recognises the potential of its vast and beautiful tourist destinations.

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