Offshore Ventures

Today's economy may look like a hard time for business growth. However, it can be seen as the perfect scenario to take a step forward.

The international division of G9 offers support and consultancy for national companies seeking opportunities in North America and Europe and also provides assistance for foreigners who want to invest in Brazil.

Available services:

  • Business Plan development;
  • Offshore stablishment;
  • Networking;
  • Paper review;
  • Business matching;
  • Corporate planning;
  • Market research;
  • Trading;
  • Business Advice, and
  • Workshops.

G9 International Offices:

  • (flag) Orlando - USA;
  • (flag) Chesterfield - UK;
  • (flag) Stockholm - SE.

Coming soon: (flag) Italy, (flag) Spain and (flag) New Zealand

Be a part of the team: contact us for more information.

Business plan from BRL 35.000,00

Minimum length: 6 months
Success fee: from 2% to 10%
Investment: from 10% of the Global Project Value (GPV)
GPV: BRL 350k