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Brazil has developed significantly over the past decade as a major source of natural resources to the world. That also caused the Brazilian Real to appreciate against hard currencies such as US dollars or British Pounds. The combination of a stronger trade and government policies aimed at “fixing the social” has given rise to an emergent middle class eager to experience and consume what the world has to offer.

Today the average Brazilian consumer can afford innovative products and services which were previously prohibitive from a purchasing power stand point. Furthermore, local businesses can import equipment and technology to improve the efficiency of their operations and compete at global level.

There is much to offer in Brazil and one of G9’s missions is to help foreign companies create a footprint in the country.

If your company offers innovative solutions for this growing market, G9 can help you identify the best options to develop your business in Brazil including:

  • The selection of qualified agents or distributors based on a set of criteria such as technical expertise, resources, credit, reputation and cost-efficiencies;
  • The selection of potential JV partners to bring you local knowledge, effective support and synergies;
  • Qualification of potential local suppliers to integrate into your business based on a set of economic and technical criteria.

Alongside the business development initiatives, G9 will make sure that your intellectual propriety is protected and that you have the most appropriate commercial arrangement from a legal and financial stand point.

Strategy & Funding

Some foreign products may attract high import duty rates in Brazil, so it is paramount that companies establish integrated supply chains with local suppliers in the country in order to offer competitive prices within the Brazilian territory and Latin America as a whole.

If you are planning on setting up a fully-owned subsidiary in Brazil, G9 associate consultants can offer advice in many areas of your business plan. We have an extensive network of expert professionals across many segments and geographies.

Regarding funding, G9 can liaise with local banks such as the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), which offers financial support to fund your business at very attractive rates and conditions.

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