Real Estate, Property and Construction

G9 partners and associate consultants have the appropriate qualifications and expertise to guide and assist foreign investors who want to invest in the Brazilian Real Estate market. The step by step methodology below explains the services that G9 offers over the life cycle of your investment:

Objective & Feasibility

Defining the objective will depend upon variables such as budget, funding, horizon, risk profile and the expected return. Whether you are looking for dividends or long term capital gain, this first step helps to understand your requirements as an investor, and also to define the best solution available in the dynamic Brazilian real estate market.

Some investments may require infrastructure and construction, on which we are happy to advise, and offer the legal, commercial and technical support you need in the country. However, it is paramount to engage into feasibility study beforehand in order to evaluate the investment from conception to fulfilment, and plan ahead the resources needed for a successful venture.


G9 will liaise with real estate agents and negotiate the most attractive deal taking into account all the elements that have been determined during the feasibility study stage.

Project Design & Execution

If your investment requires infrastructure and construction, G9 will select the architects and engineers for the design stage based on a set of technical and economic criteria.

Over the project execution stage, G9 will ensure that quality, time and budget are met according to plan. This process is managed with all the transparency that you require, with key deliverables and milestones audited and reported periodically to the investor.


At this stage the investment will be ready to start paying dividends or realising capital gain. G9 offers the financial, commercial and legal advice that will maximise your return while minimising risks or liabilities.

For a quick reference on G9 partners and associated consultants, please refer to Who we are section of this website.